Criminal Defense

Whether you are facing a First Degree Felony or a weed charge, every criminal case is important. Often times there are driver’s license consequences or other collateral consequences attached to certain charges, even weed charges. It is important to be informed before taking any plea agreement.

It is also important to consider the number of convictions one might have because it could impact later expungement of your criminal record. Many believe that convictions “fall off” your record, but this is not the case. Every case must be expunged individually, which is a lengthy and expensive process. Our office has the extensive knowledge necessary to avoid these later complications.

Our office handles a wide variety or felony and misdemeanor charges. We offer retainer fee schedules that are commensurate with the work we are going to provide. We also offer limited scope representation for specific hearings like probation violations (OSC) and Sentencing.

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